I’ve stumbled across Kate Takes 5 blog and her listography linkys plus the original Listography, so have decided I’m going to try and take part, and add my lists here to avoid clogging up the main page with non-baby relevant bits…although maybe they will appear.  It’s always good as a mum to have your own identity, and list making is definitely part of my personality, so I guess it could be relevant to my parenting as well.

Actually, that’s so correct.  Every day I have  a list of some sort: shopping list; to do list; wish list; it’s a never ending whirl of lists, and would have to be, otherwise I’d never get anything I needed to done.

So here will be the list challenges I take part in.

Listography #1: top 5 key word searches for your blog

Listography #2: top 5 famous folk I used to fancy

Listography #3: top 5 randoms

Listography #4: cartoon characters from your youth

Listography #5: christmas songs

Listography #6: what makes christmas christmas

Listography #7: photos of 2011

Listography #8: tips for bloggers

Got a view? I read all comments, so feel free to join in

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